Caesarstone in an engineered stone and at G.S.G we offer a selection of materials that are unique in its form and function. These surfaces are ideal for any interior surfaces including counter tops, vanities, cladding and staircases. Caesarstone is diverse and practical and offers you something different to granite and marble. Caesarstone surfaces provides you with a lifetime warranty and is ideal for a wide range of spaces. Caesarstone’s quartz products are manufactured from one of nature’s hardest minerals and high quality polymer resins and pigments that are compacted under intense pressure. Due to it being resistant to stains, scratches and cracks its requires minimal maintenance to keep them looking new.


Marble is a hard-crystalline metamorphic form of limestone which is formed under immense pressure and temperature. There are many marble varieties and every slab differs from one another making it a unique material to work with.


Granite is a common igneous rock and depending on the minerals they contain, can vary in colour and design. This material is robust, and its durability and versatility makes it suitable for different surfaces. Due to its natural character, it offers you an array of colours and designs to choose from. Granite requires minimal maintenance and its natural beauty is appreciated by many.


Pro Quartz is a durable, resistant material and is inevitably stronger than granite. Due to its composition, it results in a product that is non-porous and perfect for many surfaces. Another type of Quartz we offer is Eezi Quartz which an affordable option if you’re looking forward to go down this route. Quartz is one of nature’s hardest minerals therefore making it suitable for a durable surface and will provide you with countertops that will last a life time.